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Custom fields in Oracle BRM

Oracle Communications Billing and Revenue Management offers two methods for creating, editing and deleting custom fields and storable clas...


Important classes in Oracle BRM one should Know

In BRM, account/customer related data such as names, addresses, profiles, current account balances, group charge sharing, and account hier...


Utility to move pin_virtual_time(mode 1) and execute pin_bill_day

It sounds like huh, why should I need a script for changing virtual time or executing pin_bill_day but it has utility. Specially for BRM t...


Oracle Business Revenue Management (BRM) Errors

AMT procedure errors Issue: ORA-29280: invalid directory path ORA-06512: at "WK33_PIN03.AMT_MV", line 347 ORA-06512: at line...


A simple Oracle DB function to convert timestamp to date

In Oracle BRM, all the time and date is stored in number format and it is required to convert them if you are reading it from the DB. L...


Oracle BRM Interview Questions & Answers

Q. What are the supported ways of Payment processing in BRM? Answer: There two types of payment methods in BRM:       i). BRM ...


What Is in an Oracle BRM system?

The BRM system is an integral part of your business. Below Figure shows how BRM components work with your other software components. ...

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