Important classes in Oracle BRM one should Know

In BRM, account/customer related data such as names, addresses, profiles, current account balances, group charge sharing, and account hierarchy are stored. Plans/deals/products can be purchased by the customer which gets associated with their account. The customers can purchase one or more services like GSM/GPRS et.c. (in case the subscriber is a telecom subscriber).  Some of the key or most important BRM classes are:

/ACCOUNT :  This is one of the most important and key storable class of BRM that stores information about the customer. The customer information includes their contact info,status, locale and tax related information. Account class is mapped to account_t table and is uniquely identified by POID. Each account has a default balance group and is associated with the instances of billinfo, balance group,payment method, purchased products, purchased discounts and services.

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/BALANCE_GROUP :  Stores the balance information for each currency and non-currency resources in an account . A balance group includes one or more sub-balances for each resource. The sub-balance contains the current amount, resource type, validity dates for the resource, rollover data, and sub-balance contributors. This storable class is mapped with the  bal_grp_t table in BRM database.

/BILL : This storable class contains the information for the bills generated for each customer based on the products they purchase or the usage they do. It includes information such as the amount due, amount adjusted, currency and bill number. A /bill object is created for each account that have a due at the beginning of a billing cycle. It contains information for the invoice and the billinfo object with which it is associated. It maps with the  bill_t  table in BRM database.

/BILLINFO : Stores all billing, payment method, accounting cycle, and hierarchy information necessary to bill an account. A default /billinfo object is created for every account. If the billinfo is subordinate, the /billinfo object points to the parent account and the parent account’s /billinfo object. It maps to billinfo_t table in BRM database.

/INVOICE : Stores a customer invoice and information about the invoice, such as the bill it is associated with. Each /bill object can have a corresponding /invoice object. It maps to invoice_t table in BRM database.

/ITEM : Created to bundle events, this table summarizes billable item activity by type. It maps to item_t table in BRM database. Rows in this table are added for each row in the BILL_T table.

/PAYINFO : Stores generic payment method information for an account. It maps to payinfo_t  table in BRM database.

/DEAL : Stores information about a deal.When you use Pricing Center and connect to the database, all /deal objects in the database are shown in Pricing Center. It maps to DEAL_T table in BRM database.

/PRODCUT : Stores the information for a single product. Maps to product_t table.

/DEVICE : Stores information about devices. There is a separate /device object for every device managed by BRM. Generic data applicable to all devices is stored in the parent /device object. Subclasses such as /device/num store information specific to a particular device type. It maps to device_t table in BRM database.

/PROFILE : Abstract class to support custom account information. To use a /profile object, always create a subclass. You can link an account to any number of /profile objects. Maps to profile_t table.

/EVENT : Abstract class to record system-initiated and user-initiated events. Event objects are related to a specific service or to an account. An event includes generic information such as start and end times as well the balance impacts that are incurred by the account due to this event. The /event object points to the account balance group that is impacted.Maps to event_t table in BRM database. The event class stores the event balance data in another table event_bal_impacts_t.

/PURCHASED_PRODUCT : Contains an entry for each product owned by an account at the time of conversion.Maps to purchased_product_t table in the BRM database.

/PURCHASED_DISCOUNT: Contains an entry for each discount owned by an account at the time of conversion.Maps to purchased_discount_t table in the BRM database.

/SERVICE : Stores generic service type information for accounts. There is one row in this table for each applicable service for each entry in ACCOUNT_T. In addition to a row in this table, a row must be created in the service type table, such as IP service or email. Maps to service_t table in the BRM database.

/CONFIG : Base class for configuration objects. Subclasses hold specific configuration information for various features, for example, /config/beid defines currency and non-currency resources. Maps to config_t  table.
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